Probate Administration

In the immediate aftermath of a loved one's loss, families gather to mourn together. After the funeral or memorial is over, however, grief remains, along with the work of administering the deceased person's estate. If probate is required, our attorneys and staff will compassionately guide clients through the requirements of the Michigan probate process.

We are mindful that although we are dealing with legal and financial transactions, we are doing so in the context of a family's loss. We know that we cannot dispel our clients' grief; our goal is to support them through it, while giving them the peace of mind that their loved one's estate is being handled correctly and efficiently.

Michigan's Probate Administration Process

Probate administration involves identifying and inventorying the decedent's assets, determining the value of those assets, and distributing them appropriately, under the supervision of the Probate Court for the county in which the deceased last resided. Heritier Nance & Smothers, P.C. assists the personal representative of the estate in carrying out his or her duties, which include:

  • Gathering estate information for probate
  • Completing and timely filing Probate Court petitions and reports
  • Accounting for all estate transactions
  • Providing creditors of the estate with proper notice of estate administration
  • Preparing the estate inventory
  • Approving or objecting to creditors' claims
  • Preparing and timely filing estate tax returns
  • Preparing the final accounting of estate assets, income and disbursements
  • Making distributions to beneficiaries

Because probate is intended to protect the rights of beneficiaries and creditors of the estate, there are many requirements that personal representatives must fulfill. If they fail to do so properly, they could be personally liable. This is one of many reasons personal representatives should retain experienced legal counsel to assist them.

Provided we are not representing the personal representative in a probate matter, we can assist a beneficiary or creditor of the decedent's estate, to make sure that their rights are fully protected and that they receive all they are entitled to in the probate process.

Oakland County, Michigan Probate and Estate Administration Attorneys

At Heritier Nance & Smothers, P.C. we have decades of experience in Michigan probate matters. This lifts a burden from our clients who are personal representatives, and who are often unfamiliar with the Probate Court and its rules. In addition, we use time-saving administration systems and highly-qualified legal assistants. This promotes efficiency, saves time and money, and ultimately benefits the estate and beneficiaries.

The firm represents clients in Oakland County and throughout Michigan in probate matters ranging from small, straightforward estates to large, complex ones. We invite you to call us at (248) 828-4020 or contact Heritier Nance & Smothers, P.C. online to schedule a consultation. We look forward to working with you.