Practice Areas

Estate Planning

Although a majority of Michigan residents would agree that it’s important to have an estate plan, most people put off creating one for various reasons: discomfort with the prospect of mortality, concern about the expense or about the complexity of… Read More

Trust Administration

Living trusts are a popular vehicle for managing assets during one’s lifetime and distributing those assets to beneficiaries and bypassing probate upon one’s death. Trust documents contain directions for the investment, management and dis… Read More


In the immediate aftermath of a loved one’s loss, families gather to mourn together. After the funeral or memorial is over, however, grief remains, along with the work of administering the deceased person’s estate. If probate is required,… Read More

Real Estate

Heritier Nance & Smothers, P.C. represents clients in transactions involving the purchase, sale, lease, development and financing of commercial and residential real estate. We take a thorough yet pragmatic approach, using our experience and exper… Read More

Business Law

Over the five decades of its existence, Heritier Nance & Smothers, P.C. has cultivated long-term relationships with numerous business clients ranging from sole proprietorships to larger corporations. The firm has clients in many fields, including… Read More