About Heritier Nance & Smothers, P.C.

Our History

Heritier Nance & Smothers, P.C. was founded in Detroit in the mid-1970s by attorney Bob Heritier. With a background in both law and accounting, Bob concentrated the firm's practice in the areas of business, taxation, estate planning and real estate.

In 1984, attorney Bill Nance joined the firm, adding depth to the firm's existing practice areas and bringing his knowledge of real estate law to bear for the firm's clients. The firm moved to Troy, Michigan, in 1985. Attorney Paul Smothers added his experience in business, corporate, real estate and estate planning law to the firm in 2000. Bob Heritier retired in 2013, but the firm continues to embody the values on which it was founded.

Our Philosophy

We concentrate our legal services in those areas of the law where we have significant experience and expertise. Our clients trust the quality of the services we provide, and we are proud to be the place they turn to for their legal needs. They know that if we can help them, we will do so expertly and efficiently; if they need a service we don't offer, we will help them find an experienced attorney or other professional who can help them. Our commitment to our clients' best interests is our top priority.

Having been around for five decades, the firm has developed long-term relationships with many of its business, family and individual clients. We are proud to have served a number of those businesses and families for multiple generations, effectively serving as their "general counsel."

At Heritier Nance & Smothers, P.C., we genuinely care about our clients, their families, and their futures. We place a high priority on being discreet and maintaining the confidentiality of our clients. Regardless of the size of our clients' business, estate, or portfolio, they can trust us to put their interests first. We value their confidence in our services and are grateful for the friends, colleagues, and family members they refer to us.